Greetings & Love
Mission Statement

Revolution begins in our gardens,

Revolution is Spiritual growth & self reliance, Revolution is better ethics for all life on Earth,

Revolution is Helping each other onwards forwards,

Revolution is building strong communities that Support, Empower and inspire real change.

Our revolutionary mission is to co-create a global FREE food sharers network, Transforming Gardens, schools, communal spaces, Disused land or buildings, Allotments, window ledges and rooftops into abundant FREE food havens, To feed people fresh nutritious whole Foods, To educate & empower people to grow for themselves, to promote wildlife biodiversity and to remember our connection to nature.

We continue to utilize and mobilize local resources as the way of keeping the Ethics for sustainable living correct and true.

The revolution is unity consciousness, Oneness and love for 7 generations to come.

Grow the revolution ūüĎä

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